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Jornal de Pediatria is a bimonthly publication of the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics (Sociedade Brasileira de Pediatria, SBP). It has been published without interruption since 1934. Jornal de Pediatria publishes original articles and review articles covering various areas in the field of pediatrics. By publishing relevant scientific contributions, Jornal de Pediatria aims at improving the standards of pediatrics and of the healthcare provided for children and adolescents in general, as well to foster debate about health.

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Vol. 97. Issue 6.
Pages 579-684 (November - December 2021)
Early childhood care, support and research: how early screening and longitudinal studies can help children thrive
Linda Booij, Melissa Nicolosi
J Pediatr (Rio J). 2021;97:579-81
Open access
The importance of using local populations to assess fetal and preterm infant growth
William W. Hay
J Pediatr (Rio J). 2021;97:582-4
Open access
Review articles
Effects of interventions for promoting physical activity during recess in elementary schools: a systematic review
Alessandra Cardozo Machado Suga, Alexandre Augusto de Paula da Silva, Josieli Regina Brey, Paulo Henrique Guerra, Ciro Romelio Rodriguez-Añez
J Pediatr (Rio J). 2021;97:585-94
Open access
Growth hormone deficiency and the transition from pediatric to adult care
Ana Beatriz Winter Tavares, Paulo Ferrez Collett-Solberg
J Pediatr (Rio J). 2021;97:595-602
Open access
Original articles
Validation of the short version of the dimensional inventory for child development assessment
Euclides José de Mendonça Filho, Mônia Aparecida da Silva, Natalie A. Koziol, Denise Ruschel Bandeira
J Pediatr (Rio J). 2021;97:603-9
Open access
Weight/length ratio references and newborn body composition estimation at birth from a Brazilian cohort
Carlos Grandi, Livia dos S. Rodrigues, Davi C. Aragon, Fabio Carmona, Viviane C. Cardoso
J Pediatr (Rio J). 2021;97:610-6
Open access
The effect of recombinant human interferon α1b treatment of infants hospitalized with lower respiratory tract infection on subsequent wheezing
Lihua Yang, Guocheng Zhang, Lusheng Huang, Xiaoling Ren, Yanqi Su, Chengxiu Wang, Yuanbin Shi, Liao Li, Hui Shan, Jing Chen, Jianxin Xiong, Xue Xue, Shaofeng Song, Li Zhao, Shuhua An, Haiming Yu, Hong Cao, Lin Zhao, Ming Li, Xiaocui Sheng, Yajun Wang
J Pediatr (Rio J). 2021;97:617-22
Open access
Evaluation of serum and salivary C-reactive protein for diagnosis of late-onset neonatal sepsis: A single center cross-sectional study
Angie M.S. Tosson, Dina Koptan, Rabab Abdel Aal, Marwa Abd Elhady
J Pediatr (Rio J). 2021;97:623-8
Open access
Associated factors with recurrent wheezing in infants: is there difference between the sexes?
Wellington Fernando da Silva Ferreira, Denise Siqueira de Carvalho, Gustavo Falbo Wandalsen, Dirceu Solé, Emanuel Sávio Cavalcante Sarinho, Décio Medeiros, Ana Carolina Cavalcanti Dela Bianca Melo, Elaine Xavier Prestes, Paulo Augusto Moreira Camargos, Karin Regina Luhm, Luis Garcia-Marcos, Javier Mallol, Nelson Augusto Rosário, Herberto José Chong-Neto
J Pediatr (Rio J). 2021;97:629-36
Open access
Psychometric properties of the Child Development Assessment Questionnaire (QAD-PIPAS) for use in population studies involving Brazilian children aged 0–59 months
Sonia I. Venancio, Gabriela S. Buccini, Cláudia R.L. Alves, Maritsa C. Bortoli, Regina T.I. Bernal, Sophie H. Eickmann, Paulo G. Frias, Elsa R.J. Giugliani, Miriam O. Santos
J Pediatr (Rio J). 2021;97:637-45
Open access
Risk factors for renal involvement in Henoch–Schönlein purpura
Woo Kyung Kim, Chan Jong Kim, Eun Mi Yang
J Pediatr (Rio J). 2021;97:646-50
Open access
Teaching point-of-care transfontanellar ultrasound for pediatricians and medical students
Gustavo Bittencourt Camilo, Gabriela Cumani Toledo, Hebert Olímpio, Eleusa Nogueira Dias, Bianca Lopes de Oliveira, Júlia Perches Ferreira, Pedro de Freitas Batista Mendes, Marcus Gomes Bastos
J Pediatr (Rio J). 2021;97:651-7
Open access
Excess adiposity and low physical fitness hamper Supine-to-Stand test performance among sedentary adolescents
Maiara C. Tadiotto, Michael Duncan, Jorge Mota, Frederico B. Moraes-Junior, Patricia R.P. Corazza, Matheus Czoczuk, Francisco J. de Menezes-Junior, Tatiana A.A. Tozo, Manuel J. Coelho-e-Silva, André L.F. Rodacki, Neiva Leite
J Pediatr (Rio J). 2021;97:658-64
Open access
Sodium found in processed cow milk and estimated intake by infants
Alex Oliveira da Camara, Lucia Gomes Rodrigues, Thaís da Silva Ferreira, Orlando Marino Gadas de Moraes
J Pediatr (Rio J). 2021;97:665-9
Open access
Influence of birthplace on gastroschisis outcomes in a state in the southeastern region of Brazil
Virginia Maria Muniz, Antônio Lima Netto, Katia Souza Carvalho, Cláudia Saleme do Valle, Luciane Bresciani Salaroli, Eliana Zandonade
J Pediatr (Rio J). 2021;97:670-5
Open access
Excess weight in adolescents and associated factors: data from the ERICA study
Niedja Maria da Silva Lima, Vanessa Sá Leal, Juliana Souza Oliveira, Maria Izabel Siqueira de Andrade, Natália Fernandes dos Santos, Jussara Tavares Pessoa, Nathalia Barbosa de Aquino, Pedro Israel Cabral de Lira
J Pediatr (Rio J). 2021;97:676-84
Open access
Jornal de Pediatria (English Edition)

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