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The potential impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on child growth and development: a systematic review
Liubiana Arantes de Araújo, Cássio Frederico Veloso, Matheus de Campos Souza, João Marcos Coelho de Azevedo, Giulio Tarro
Open access
Open Article
Available online 3 October 2020
Performance of prognostic markers in pediatric sepsis
Cristian Tedesco Tonial, Caroline Abud Drumond Costa, Gabriela Rupp Hanzen Andrades, Francielly Crestani, Francisco Bruno, Jefferson Pedro Piva, Pedro Celiny Ramos Garcia
Open access
Available online 30 September 2020
Evaluation of the prevalence and factors associated with acute kidney injury in a pediatric intensive care unit
Cibelle Ferreira Louzada, Alexandre Rodrigues Ferreira
Open access
Available online 19 September 2020
Validation of the Adolescent Barriers Questionnaire for use in Brazilian adolescents with cancer
Débora Rebollo de Campos, Carlos Eduardo Paiva, Ana Paula Marinho Silvério Brandão, Suzanne Ameringer, Bianca Sakamoto Ribeiro Paiva
Open access
Available online 15 September 2020
Adenovirus 36 infection and daycare starting age are associated with adiposity in children and adolescents
Ana Carolina Lobor Cancelier, Nikhil V. Dhurandhar, Swetha Peddibhotla, Richard L. Atkinson, Helena C.G. Silva, Daisson J. Trevisol, Fabiana Schuelter-Trevisol
Open access
Available online 12 September 2020
Food content on children movies from 2013 to 2018: taking food processing into account
Paula M. Horta, Bárbara B. Machado, Liziane V. de Souza
Open access
Available online 6 September 2020
Translation, cross-cultural adaptation, and validation of the Leuven Knowledge Questionnaire for congenital heart disease instrument into Brazilian Portuguese
Fátima Helena Cecchetto, Giuseppe Dick Bonato, Thaís Sena Mombach Barreto, Fernando Riegel, Lúcia Campos Pellanda
Open access
Available online 31 August 2020
Temporal trend in early sepsis in a very low birth weight infants' cohort: an opportunity for a rational antimicrobial use
Jamil Pedro de Siqueira Caldas, Lorenna Cristina Montera, Roseli Calil, Sergio Tadeu Martins Marba
Open access
Available online 30 August 2020
The value of oxygen index and base excess in predicting the outcome of neonatal acute respiratory distress syndrome
Hui Wu, Xiaoyang Hong, Yangming Qu, Zhenqiu Liu, Zhe Zhao, Change Liu, Qiong Ji, Jie Wang, Quan Xueli, Sun Jianwei, Dongliang Cheng, Zhi-Chun Feng, Shi Yuan
Open access
Available online 24 August 2020
IL-4-C-590T locus polymorphism and susceptibility to asthma in children: a meta-analysis
Xiaosheng Jin, Jisheng Zheng
Open access
Available online 16 August 2020
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