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Pediatric population with cystic fibrosis in the centre of Portugal: Candidates for new therapies
Juliana Roda, Teresa Teixeira, Iris AI Silva, Teresa Reis Silva, Ricardo Ferreira, Margarida D. Amaral, Guiomar Oliveira
Open access
Available online 23 July 2021
The effectiveness of Kangaroo Mother Care in hospitalization period of preterm and low birth weight infants: systematic review and meta-analysis
Letícia M. Narciso, Ludmylla O. Beleza, Aline M. Imoto
Open access
Available online 23 July 2021
Efficacy and safety of dexmedetomidine in maintaining hemodynamic stability in pediatric cardiac surgery: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Qing Wang, Chuikai Chen, Li Wang
Open access
Available online 17 July 2021
The nutritional status of healthy children using bioelectrical impedance and anthropometric measurement
Paweł Więch, Izabela Sałacińska, Michał Bączek, Dariusz Bazaliński
Open access
Available online 14 July 2021
Does universal newborn hearing screening impact the timing of deafness treatment?
Marina Faistauer, Alice Lang Silva, Daniela de Oliveira Ruiz Dominguez, Renata Bohn, Têmis Maria Félix, Sady Selaimen da Costa, Letícia Petersen Schmidt Rosito
Open access
Available online 13 July 2021
The conception, content validation, and test-retest reliability of the Questionnaire for Screen Time of Adolescents (QueST)
Margarethe Thaisi Garro Knebel, Bruno Gonçalves Galdino da Costa, Priscila Cristina dos Santos, Ana Caroline Ferreira Campos de Sousa, Kelly Samara Silva
Open access
Available online 13 July 2021
Effects of hydrotherapy and tactile-kinesthetic stimulation on weight gain of preterm infants admitted in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Franciane R. dos Anjos, Adriane M. Nakato, Paula Karina Hembecker, Percy Nohama, Ana Lúcia F. Sarquis
Open access
Available online 9 July 2021
The burden of Epstein-Barr virus infections in children**
Henry H. Balfour Jr.
Open access
Available online 8 July 2021
Fast, cheap and feasible: Implementation of pediatric telemedicine in a public hospital during the Covid-19 pandemic
Rafael da Silva Giannasi Severini, Pedro Carpini de Oliveira, Thomaz Bittencourt Couto, Hany Simon Junior, Anarella Penha Meirelles de Andrade, Danilo Yamamoto Nanbu, Sylvia C.L. Farhat, Cláudio Schvartsman
Open access
Available online 7 July 2021
Randomized trial with soaps - what happens to a newborn baby's skin?
Larissa Habib Mendonça Gois Topan, Vânia Oliveira Carvalho, Kerstin Taniguchi Abagge
Open access
Available online 7 July 2021
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